Smile #86 – Officially Gold Star

I have been waiting for this day for ages!  I am proud to announce I am officially a GOLD MEMBER at Starbucks!  🙂

2015-11-23 20.57.14.png

Phew!  The path to Gold level is quite strenuous!

I almost didn’t pass the finish line!  I received an email a few weeks ago inviting me to join a bonus star challenge. By purchasing two Chestnut Praline Lattes, I would earn extra bonus stars.  Just enough to push me over to gold status.  Well, I made the two purchases of course, but my stars never showed up onto my account. I had to reach out to Starbucks Customer’s Service to initiate an investigation.  But no worries, I got my stars now!  🙂

I might be slightly broke in order to maintain my new gold status (AKA making 30 purchases for 30 stars within the next 12 months).  On the plus side, I do get to indulge in a few delicious drinks.  🙂

Coffee date anyone? 🙂


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