Smile #84 – Nice to Meet You, Windy Hill Orchard!

Nice to Meet You, Windy Hill Orchard!

Blue skies and mild temperature are the two perfect reason to spend an afternoon outdoors.  🙂  Bubble and I took a break from the city and headed to Windy Hill Orchard, a hard cider producer with a small apple orchard.

We stepped out the car and the first thing we noticed was the delicious aroma.  The air was filled with sweet apple scent.  My mouth watered just from the smell!

We followed the scent and found a little shop around the corner.  A lady behind the counter busied herself with cider donuts!  Ahh!  The temptation!  The shop also sells bottled ciders, fruit pies and apple jams.

2015-11-14 16.34.27 HDR.jpg

Country songs blasted in the background and crowds gathered around the fire pit with a glass of cider.  The area was quite lively!

2015-11-14 15.38.15

2015-11-14 15.37.49 HDR.jpg

Bubble and I have never been to a cider mills before, so we chose a sample flight to sample all the varieties.  Out of the 6 different distinct flavors of ciders, my favorite is the Strawberry Pippin.  Bubble preferred the Hoppin Johnny and Rusty Gold.  They also offer a combination of different ciders.  I tried a Sassy Matt, a combination of Strawberry Pippin and Gala Peach.  It was delicious!  Bubble asked for a shot of Rusty Gold in his Hoppin Johnny.  The bartender ladies cracked up at his odd request.  🙂

2015-11-14 15.45.32.jpg



We also splitted half a dozen of cider donuts which we devoured in no time.  Oops!  🙂

The tickets might have been an impulse buy, but the fun we had proved it was worth every penny.  🙂  I’ll definitely be back for more of those cider donuts!  🙂



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