Smile #82 – You Have Been Summoned!

The announcement for senior management’s visit was quickly forgotten…until you are summoned for a one-on-one chat.  Keywords:  Senior Management.  Right, no pressure at all…

you-have-been-summoned (2)

The core five W’s immediately alarmed off in my head.  Who?! What?! When?! Where?! and most importantly WHY?!

As excited as I was to partake of this rare opportunity, my nerve did not appreciate the jitteriness.

Before I stepped in, I took a deep breath and composed myself.  Oh boy.  Here comes the real deal!

As it turned out, Mr. Senior Executive is very personable.  🙂  We began with my background and journey into the world of supply chain.  I spoke briefly about my experience so far, the program I am a part of, and where I see myself in the future.  He began his career over two decades ago at our company.  In his current role, he oversees quite a few projects and initiatives.  At the end, I got to pick his brain on our company’s current progress specifically dealing with our most recent process improvement initiative and his intention for future talent pipeline.

It was certainly intriguing to learn more how upper management view the overall company progress and lessons learned through the transformation phase.

I was surprised the conversation flowed through so naturally.  🙂  30 minutes passed by without much notice.

I consider this my big success of the day!  🙂 I survived another conversation with top management. 🙂

Now let’s go celebrate National Chocolate Day!  🙂


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