Smile #81 – Are You Authentic?

During our Italy trip, Bubble and I were spoiled by the freshest pasta, the creamest gelato and the purest wines.  The aroma and delicacies of these foods lured us into every shop.  You don’t have to ask me twice for gelato!  🙂

2015-10-19 12.43.48

Now that we have returned home, we are cursed with a constant craving of authentic Italian cuisine.  Until we can afford another visit to Italy, we better searching for a local and affordable restaurant.

Surprise, surprise, we found Dolce Ristorante, a small restaurant that serves authentic Italian specialties.  Of course we have to validate their claim.  🙂

Bubble and I made reservation for Gnoochi Night.  Without a doubt, I had to get gnoochi with pesto cream sauce.  Bubble experimented gnoochi with tonight’s special – boar head sauce.  Both were delicious!  🙂  It gave us a fair taste of Italy!

2015-10-27 19.34.24-1 2015-10-27 19.34.10

Bonus!  They also have the best tiramisu!  It comes very close to Pompei’s in Rome!  🙂

2015-10-27 20.00.11

We just might have found the magic key to Italian cuisine right at home!  🙂  Let’s try out the rest of the menu!  🙂


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