Smile #69 – Nice to Meet You, Davidson, NC!

Nice to Meet You, Davidson, NC!  

Exploring Davidson has been on my radar for a while…even though I drive past it at least once a month.  We finally put it on the to-do list for today.  🙂

This little charming college town was very lively when we arrived.  As it turns out, the town was hosting its annual Downtown Davidson Art Crawl.  Local artisans flooded the street with handcrafted gifts and fine art.  Local musicians performed their harmonious tunes.

The three block Main Street lined with quaint shops.  We browsed through Main Street Books, a cozy little book store.  We stopped at Sanctuary of Davidson, a boutique for handmade local art.

I absolutely adore the Village Store.  🙂  This store is packed with unique gifts, stationary and neat little trinkets.  I’ll be sure to return during the holiday season!  🙂

20150919_181850 20150919_181856

20150919_181947 20150919_182003

Aside from shopping, there is also a great selection of food, from the original Toast Cafe to nation’s top rated restaurant – Kindred.  We decided to try out Pickled Peach.  I didn’t find the healthiness too delicious, but Bubble enjoyed his Brie sandwich.  🙂

Opposite from the busied Main Street is the quiet Davidson College campus.  We were wandering around the very green campus when we stumbled across a tree swing.  I haven’t seen one of these in ages.  Of course, I have to give it a go. …Except this turned out to be more difficult than expected.  I am just a few inches too short to sit on the paddle.  I had to find the perfect balance to avoid tipping over the other end.

After some moments of struggling, I managed to sit tight on the swing.  Victory!  🙂


Davidson’s small town historical vibe made me smile in reminiscence of my beloved college town.  Thank you Davidson for sharing a slice of home with us. 🙂



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