Smile #68 – $5 of Happiness

What can you do with $5?  For me, I brought happiness for $5.  🙂

I was trekking through my daily tasks at work when my sweet tooth unexpectedly ached for desserts.  The thought of a lemon tart melted away any resistance.  🙂

Tucked away in a rather small shopping center is Renaissance Patisserie, my new favorite bakery/pastry stop.  In contrast to the plain exterior, the shop is beautifully themed in black and yellow and embellished with small chandeliers.  Two display cases are stocked with a variety of desserts and bakery items.  Freshly baked croissants, Danishes, eclairs, tarts, cheesecakes and more.  🙂

For a moment, I baffled at all my options.  How can I make a choice?!  Do I want a delicate multi-puff-layered napoleon or a decadent chocolate mousse?

I finally decided to take the decadent chocolate mousse.  🙂  The soft chocolate coating with creamy chocolate mousse and a surprise raspberry middle garnished with chocolate swirls.


It is beautiful when plated and lip-smacking good when consumed.  🙂

I’d say I spent my lunch hour very wisely!  🙂


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