Smile #65 – Nice to Meet You, Carrigan Farm!

Nice to Meet You, Carrigan Farm!

For me, Labor Day represents more than just sales (though that’s always a plus 🙂 ) and end of summer vacation, it also serves as a notice that Fall is coming!  🙂  To kick off the day, Bubble and I went apple picking, a quintessential fall tradition.  🙂


We headed to Carrigan Farm, just 50 miles from Charlotte.  I supposed we arrived relatively late in the afternoon, the farm was surprisingly idle.

After we got our large bag, our guide directed us to where the apple trees are.  Just a short walk past the field of greens.  Just a tip, she explained, we should try the apples to determine if they were ripe enough to our liking.

Rows and rows of red and golden apples ready to be picked! 🙂



To my surprise, these apple ‘trees’ looked more like apple ‘brushes’.  I was expecting to see a garden of tall trees with sturdy trunk and limbs and apples clustered on its branches.  Quite the contrary, my friend.  These are actually scientifically modified dwarf apple ‘trees’.  I guess it is easier for picking, especially for short people, like me.  🙂

See! I can reach the apple brushes!

Bubble picked a red shiny apple from the first brush.  Sweet and crunchy!  🙂  As we walk down the aisle, we tried a couple more apples.  A tart one and a powder-y one.

FullSizeRender2 (1)
Snuck in a selfie between these apple ‘brushes’

Opposite from the apple section is another green field.  Upon investigation, that’s the pumpkin patch!  Little green pumpkin sprouting beneath the leaf.  Oo, can’t wait until Halloween!  🙂

Not too far up the hill is a small petting zoo.  A few goats were roaming around the pen.  Two silly goats were wrestling for the top platform.


I wanted to pet this brown fella, but he refused my affection.  So I proceeded to pet his buddy instead, then this brown fella kept nudging his buddy out of the way.  I sense some jealousy issue here!  🙂


In addition to the boundless green field, there is a pond.  It looks rather picturesque!  🙂  We took a break on the landing and just absorbed in the nature.  🙂



FullSizeRender1 (1)

After picking apples for another hour, we came home with a bag brimful of apples!  🙂  Just the perfect Sunday date.  🙂


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