Smile #62 – Nice to Meet You, Dubai, UAE [Part II] – Safari Desert Edition!

Nice to Meet You, Dubai, UAE [Part II] – Safari Desert Edition!  

No trip to Dubai is complete without a trip to the safari!  🙂  Friends and coworkers who have been to Dubai highly recommended a trip to the desert is a must.  I was very excited to experience the desert safari!  🙂


A formation of Land Cruisers 4×4 arrived at our hotel for pick up.  Off we go to the desert.  🙂

Waiting out in the sun for our drivers to deflate the tires confirmed I have serious #firstworldproblem.  Even though I am in shorts (for the first time in Dubai), I still sweated a puddle.  Please, I need portable A/C! (Someone please invent that!)

Mr. Camel in the ring caught everyone’s attention.  Because I am so great with animals (totally sarcastic), here is my attempt to pet him.



After a 45 minutes wait, we are ready for sand dashing!


Speeding over each bump left us bouncing around the car.  Up and down we go!  At some bumps, it seems the front bumper is almost touching the ground!  Going in, I had no idea what sand dashing entails.  Come to find out sand dashing is almost like riding a roller coaster, but just in a regular car.  🙂  I am so impressed with our driver’s driving skills, but even more with his geographic navigational skills.  I would be so lost in the unbounded desert.

We stopped in the mid of the desert.  Just in time to see the luminous warm glow. 🙂


The desert is warm with occasional breeze.  Unfortunately sweat and sand do not get along.  What a sticky situation!  🙂



After surviving the thrilling ride in one piece, our drivers dropped us off at a campsite for dinner and performances.


A number of tents were set up for drinks, henna, and souvenirs.  I couldn’t resist getting a tattoo.  The henna tattoo lady drew this in no time, talk about skills!


Behind the campsite, a couple sand-boards were found laid out.  J dragged one of the boards up the hill and lock his feet into the board.  Slowly he nudge toward the edge.  Off he goes down the hill!  I decided to take a stab at it.  ….well, more like sand sliding since I sat on the board instead.  🙂  With a push from J, I successfully slid down the hill.  The more challenge part is bringing the board back.  With every three steps I took, I slide two steps back.  I had to use the board for support to pull myself up.  🙂

Minor tip:  Climbing up the hill in barefoot is much easier.  🙂


Our touring company reserved a section just for us.  It gave us an open view to the stage.  The performances were fantastic, particularly the fire act!  The performer threw fireballs, swallowed fire, and spitted fire from gasoline.  Every second kept me at the edge of my seat!  🙂


The night wrapped up relatively early.  At this point, we were all ready to head back for a shower and some relax time.  🙂

Being in the desert was a novel experience, and certainly one that I’ll remember for years to come.  🙂

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