Smile #61 – Nice to Meet You, Dubai, UAE [Part I]!

Nice to Meet You, Dubai, UAE [Part I]!  

I arrived a week ago in Dubai, but all I managed to see is just my hotel room and SP Jain Management School’s classrooms.  Although the view from my room is pretty spectacular, I am ready to break free and explore Dubai beyond these borders!  🙂


My favorite travel buddy arrived last night.  YAY! 🙂   It has been too long since we last travel together.  Without further delay, Dubai, here we come!  🙂


We escaped the brutal Dubai summer heat by hiding in the world’s largest mall – Dubai Mall.  Literally every shop from around the world is gathered here.  Over 1,200 shops to browse, it is every girl/guy/kid’s dream (yes, kids.  There is a whole wing of the mall dedicated to just kids’ fashion, including Gucci Kid.).  In addition to shops, the mall also houses the world’s largest suspended aquarium, an ice rink, a movie theater, a flight simulator, an indoor theme park and hotel.  I am at awe! 🙂


The mall is divided in different sections.  The gold souk decorated with Arabian theme exposes Dubai’s tradition and historical culture while the village is quiet and calm.  It is hard to grasp the size of this mall.  No kidding, we spent over 7 hours at the mall and there are still areas left unexplored!  🙂  On the upside, more reasons to come back.  🙂20150822_142038

Accompanying the mall is no less than the world’s largest dancing fountain.  It is beautiful both day and night.  Crowds gather every 30 minutes for the great fountain show.  The lights and water dance in perfect rhythm with the music.





The same area also offer a great view of Burj Khalifa.  🙂


We wander to the market across where we found a vendor selling sand art.  With just a few small tools and colorful sand, the vendor quickly whipped up a new painting within a small bottle – camel trekking through the desert in just the perfect sunset.  What an unique souvenir from Dubai!  🙂




Voila! My very own bottle! 🙂

I’d say our first day exploration is quite successful!  🙂  Time for rest, first time since I arrived in Dubai.

Read Smile #62 for my first encounter with desert safari or Smile #63 to understand the definition of rich or Smile #64 when I reached top of the world. 🙂


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