Smile #57 – Amateur Coupon Fanatic

The thrilling feeling I experience watching the balance gradually decrease after handing a stack of coupons to the cashier is worth all the clipping.  🙂

I have only ever seen clips of Extreme Couponer on TLC.  It is fascinating to see how much money is saved though coupons.  Some manage to receive cartload of food and supplies for zero balance or even making money!20150805_214938

Recently, my best friend, E, introduced me to couponing. The process is actually pretty simple.  Sales are going on constantly, so by timing your purchase correctly, you can save a lot of money!

With her help, I was even able to make money purchasing some personal care items.  It was an eye opening experience!

Now that my printer is fixed, I am back on couponing again!  🙂


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