Smile #53 – Donut Want One?

Knocking down my Charlotte To-Eat list, two at a time.  🙂

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  Mine happens to be watching Donut Showdown.  🙂  A show that challenges donut masters to create the best donuts using their creativity and skills.  Be warned:  Don’t watch if you are hungry!

Recently I found out about Joe’s Dough.  This pop-up shop is in business bi-weekly at the Daily Press.  His donuts are usually sold out within the hour.  9:30am on a Saturday morning … not exactly a reachable goal for me.

For the first time, Joe hosted a special donuts ice cream event in the afternoon.  This is my chance to try the donuts.

Long anticipated Maple Glazed Donut w/ Bourbon Ice Cream & Bacon!!  🙂


Strolling through Noda, a popular art district in Charlotte, we stumbled across Jack Beagles.  Why not knock out two birds with one stone.  🙂

The laid back pub has some great quick bit options.

Three seconds later, the mac-and-cheese was diminished by us three! 🙂
My meal: Blue Bayou Burger
Bubble’s order: Philly Cheesesteak with Mimosa

Satisfied both my sweet tooth and hunger in one trip to Noda.  🙂


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