Smile #52 – Best Roommate Roulette Result

Two unlikely people randomly selected for roommates.  Five years later, here we are chatting, laughing, thanking the mysterious housing staff for putting us together.  🙂

Before miss future doctor flies out of the country to pursue her dream, we have to grab our last dinner and chatted up on life.  Even greater surprise, C joined us as well!  🙂

We decided to meet up for Party in the Park at Romare Bearden Park Uptown.  This quaint little area gives a very nice view of Charlotte.  Sometimes I forget Charlotte got its beauty too!  🙂


How could we resist snapping a photo or two!?


The park was rather crowded.  For this evening, Rick Strickland Band was playing.  The slow melody encouraged couples to show their moves.  It is super sweet to see older ladies dancing in their partners’ arm even after all these years.  🙂


It is a great place to be on a random Wednesday evening. Congrats to my roomie on going to Med School!!  Until next time, good luck with everything!  🙂


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