Smile #51- Girls Night Out

Now that my ego thinks I am the new Van Gogh, I spent the evening painting with JB and my sister.  Girls Night Out. 🙂

Our class conveniently took place at Mellow Mushroom.  Of course, sis and I took this opportunity to order our favorite pizza – Holyshitake Pie.  It is the best pizza on the menu for mushroom lovers like us.  🙂

With three brushes, a cup of water, a large canvas, and a paint pallet, let’s get started!  This time we will be painting the night skyline view of Charlotte. 🙂


Starting with the big round moon in the center of the canvas.  Molly, our instructor, joked that drawing a perfect circle is like trimming your bangs. It only gets shorter and shorter.  LOL!

The remaining white canvas is painted in black and a hint of blue.  Enhanced with a few stars and the night sky is completed.


I got a bit too creative by painting my horoscope star sign.  Wasn’t the best attempt, but it was worth a try!

Can you guess which sign this is?

The toughest part comes with painting the buildings and outlining each building.  Famous Charlotte skyscrapers – Duke Energy Building ahte Bank of America Corporate Building proudly stood at the center of my canvas followed by smaller buildings.

Our masterpieces are finished!  🙂



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