Smile #50 – Annual Adult Dress Up

Twice a year, a number of fancy restaurants open their door and welcome the masses with an economical pre-fixed menu.  It is a great way for all to experience the varieties of foods.  Bubble and I always have a great time dressing up and pretending to be adults.  🙂  I even wore my heels!

This time, we decided to look for a French restaurant to refresh and challenge our previous French food experience.  We were thrilled to know Lumiere is participating in restaurant week.

Located in a strip mall, Lumiere blended in with the uniform white exterior.  Don’t be fooled — The compact interior is modern, paired with chic decors and an open kitchen setup.

Started the night with fresh-baked gougeres, an airy cheese puffs.

Although the menu has been reduced to cater to restaurant week, we had a tough time picking.  With the exception of the main course, it was a no brainer for me to pick the one option that was not a salad.  Jumbo Shrimp “Bouillabasisse” – with brunoise vegetables, red pepper rouille, toasted country bread and saffron-tomato broth.

Bubble opted for a unique plate – Grilled Watermelon Salade – with roasted Magalista porta belly, creamy Feta cheese compressed cantaloupe, watercress, Belgium endive Banyuls vinaigrette.  The man loved it so much, he would have licked the plate clean!  🙂

For the main dish, Bubble chose Beef Short Rib “Bourgouignon” with grass-fed beef, pomes puree, carrots, pearl onions, trumpet mushrooms and black truffle beef jus.  It was just so colorful!  🙂 The rib was sooo very tender, it just melts in your mouth.  🙂

I toyed with two options, finally decided to go with the morning catch.  The waiter explained the dish in details, but I forgot most of the details.  It was a fish dish with lima beans and scallops.  First chef to get me to eat lima beans. 🙂

Dessert, AKA the best part of any meal, was the hardest choice to make of all.  All the options sound très bien.  I opted for the Classic Profierole (That’s a big word, I couldn’t pronounce this word even if I tried) – with French vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache.  It looked amazing and has just the right balance of sweetness.  🙂

Bubble’s Roasted Peach – with lemon thyme, vanilla bean, white peach sorbet and poppy seed cake is certainly one of a kind.  The peach was still steamy when it came out.

Lumiere is certainly the venue for special occasion.  Each plate was exquisite.  The food was delicately crafted.  We had a delightful time at our special date night.  🙂


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