Smile #49 – There Would Be A Riot

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was offered a ticket to the Rascal Flatts Riot Tour.  I was exposed to Rascal Flatts some years ago.  The lyrics tell stories and embed great lessons.

Give it a listen – What Hurts the Most – one of their most iconic songs (and one of my favorite songs). 🙂

Although country music is not my ‘jam’, I decided to attend with an open mind.  We waited patiently for Rascal Flatts’ arrival.

Shortly after 9am, all lights shut down.  The pitch dark surrounding was interrupted by stage lights and the trio took the stage.  The night kicked off with two upbeat songs, “Stand” and “Me and My Gang.”  The crowd roared in excitement.

The concert played a mix of both new songs and old classics.  Aside from Riot, the main tour theme song, both of my favorite songs, What Hurts the Most and My Wish were played.  🙂  How could they not?!  🙂  They surprised the audience with a short cover of Hozier’s Take Me to Church.

I was surprised at the lead singer, Gary LeVox’s voice.  His ability to hit the high notes truly impressed me.

Between songs, LeVox joked about how the band loves coming to our city each summer because girls’ clothes gets shorter and shorter each year, so more boobs and butts.  LOL!  Looking around, I couldn’t agree more.

At a country concert, clearly a cowboy boots were a must.  Girls with cowboy boots kept throwing their shoes on stage for autographs.  They was all over the stage.  During the last song, LeVox was balancing both singing and signing shoes.   Haha, guess you can really autograph anything.

The night carried on with plenty of sing-a-longs.  Despite my voice getting a bit raspy after the concert, it was all worth it.  🙂  It was a good choice to come to the concert.  🙂


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