Smile #45 – Nice to Meet You, Romantic City of the South – Savannah, GA + Tybee Island! [Part II]

Nice to Meet You, Romantic City of the South – Savannah, GA + Tybee Island!  [Part II]

After a day of driving and exploring, we definitely slept in.  Ready with our swimwear, we are off to Tybee Island!  🙂

The secluded island located right outside of Savannah.  Miles stretched with green marshes and palm beaches made the drive very serene.  🙂

In the distance, we spotted the picturesque lighthouse.  First time climbing a light house! Both of us were sweating before the first step and there are a total of 178 steps to the top.  1 step, 2 step….177, 178, we are finally here!  At the top, it offered a gorgeous view of the island.

We lingered a bit, taking in the scenery.

 Coming down the stairs was so much easier.  Oh gravity!

Our admission tickets also included access to the restored cottage houses that portray life back in the days and to Fort Screven museum.  Artifacts and exhibits covering centuries of history.   We were even allowed to walk the walls of Berry Garland.

All this walking made us hungry, it is time to replenish our stomachs. 🙂

We finally made it to the beach.  Only a minimal crowd around keeping it pleasantly quiet.

The gusty wind made it challenging to set up the beach umbrella.  Luckily, a guy with a sand drill offered to help us.  Did you know you need a sand drill to make the hole for the umbrella?  Did you know there is a job specifically for setting up umbrellas?  He worked as an umbrella set-upper.  His deep red sunburnt back proved his credentials.

We stayed in the water for a while.  It was the perfect combat against the blazing sun. 🙂

When I laid down to tan, mother-nature decided to take a turn for the worst.  The dark clouds shifted quickly.  Lifeguards blew whistles to call everyone in.  The wind exhaled and lifted the sands up and blinded those without sunglasses, AKA me.  Shielding my eyes with my phone, I walked as fast as I could to our car.

We had never seen a storm be taken so seriously.  Being so close to the storm, I almost felt like a storm chaser.  🙂

Although the rain put a damper on our beach plans, we returned to Savannah with more time to explore city market. 🙂

We wandered in art galleries, souvenir shops and candy shops.  I picked up more smarties lollipops. Who can resist this wall of candy!

At Ah-Hun Gallery, art pieces covered all the walls and shelf.  The creativity behind each piece is impressive.  I really liked Steve Schuman’s style.  Using multi-color paint to construct this unusual energy behind his work.  I particular loved this little pup.

We made reservations for Bubble’s birthday at Olde Pink House. This coral pink colored building is Savannah’s only 18th century mansion.  It is also ranked as a top restaurant in Savannah.  This building composed of different rooms, dinning rooms, pub area, bar area open to wandering.  Each section possesses its own atmosphere.

A must try is the signature drink, Pink Lady, lemonade with raspberry vodka.  It is light and refreshing!  🙂

 Do I want pan seared salmon or crispy half duck?  Ahhh, choices!  Following a hard internal debate, I finally decided on the duck.  🙂  Bubble decided on the Bourbon Molasses Grilled Pork Tenderloin.

We took advantage of pedicab since we parked across town.  Even though we could totally use the walk, why not try a new experience instead.  Our pedicab biker was very friendly.  He is a New Yorker who moved down south some years ago.  He started this job merely three weeks ago and had already lost 25 lbs.  What a good way to get your exercise while getting paid!  A few short conversations, we arrived at our parking lot.  🙂  It was neat being driven around by bike. 🙂

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