Smile #44 – Nice to Meet You, Romantic City of the South – Savannah, GA! [Part I]

Nice to Meet You, Romantic City of the South – Savannah, GA!  [Part I]

It’s Bubble’s birthday!!  The man has turned a quarter-century old!  (Sooo old, I know! hehe)  What is a better way to celebrate this significant milestone than a weekend getaway!  🙂  Savannah has been advocated as the hidden gems of the south by several travel journals.  So let’s book it! 🙂

We anticipated high temperature, but we forgot to consider the humidity.  Nothing says welcome to Savannah better than 95% humidity plus 97 degree Fahrenheit.  A test of our tolerance for heat.  No worries, that didn’t stop us from exploring. 🙂

Old Savannah Tour gave us a great overview of the town.  The significance of each historical building and monument and war history associated with each square, great refresher all the history classes.

During my planning, I found Leopoid’s Ice Cream.  It is listed as one of the top ice cream spots in the world by the Toronto Sun.  It is TOP priority we find this ice cream shop pronto!  🙂   When we arrived, the line extended beyond the shop.  It did not disappoint; Leopoid deserved its throne.  PS. Try the honey almond flavor!

The heart of Savannah’s historical district is River Street.  Souvenir shops, restaurants, pubs  and galleries bordered the street.  The vibrant street was crowded with tourists.  We went from store to store.  The best is Candy Kitchen where I found smarties lollipop!  Of course, I couldn’t resist to try!  Outside of the Cinnamon Bear Shop stood two bears about the same height as me!

The River Street waterfront is splendid during both day and night.  We couldn’t help but snapping a selfie (Don’t judge!).

With a great deal of food options, it was hard to narrow down a dinner spot.  We finally settled on Spanky’s.  Our burgers were delicious!  Sidenote:  Spud is not a full potato, but thin layers of potatoes.  Must order again, it was that tasty! 🙂

Belly full of food, we wobbled to our car and called it a night.  🙂

Keep up with our adventure – See Smile #45 & Smile #46.  🙂


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