Smile #43 – Updating Ourselves

The idea of hosting Microsoft training has been in the discussion for a few years.  Upon hearing process improvement opportunities, we were finally advised to proceed.  🙂

I was nominated to organize the training for our company.  From reserving a conference room (and trading room timeslot like pokemon cards) to finding caterers, it was definitely a learning experience.  Good thing my manager was around to help with some of the logistics. 🙂

P.S. I am very familiar with Panera Bread’s catering site now!  🙂

After weeks of planning, the day has finally come.  If I said I was excited for these three days, does that make me nerdy/geeky?  🙂

The selected few colleagues and I met our instructor from Ohio.  We spent the next three days learning all the fundamentals in Access.   Beginning with building tables, then running queries to creating macros.  We learned how to merge data and how to generate reports from our data.

Three days ago, Access was a very intimidating application.  Now, I can fully say I am starting to have a better understanding.  MySQL is actually a simple language to understand.

The wheels in my brain are still running.  I am ready to test out some data with this new knowledge.  🙂


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