Smile #39 – Nice to Meet You, Tiger World!

Nice to Meet You, Tiger World!

55 miles away from town, amidst residential community is Tiger World. 🙂  Like the name suggested, plenty of tigers roaming through the habitat.  But there are more inhabitants, including baboons, monkeys, wolves, bear, cougars, leopards, kangaroos, and lions.  The population is certainly diverse.

All the animals were pacing in their cages.  Roaring for food, food, food!  Let’s begin the Carnivore Feeding Safari Tour.  🙂

The zookeepers arrived in a truck with each animals’ diets lay out.  Each meal is carefully designed to provide the right amount of nutrients.  Whole chickens, chicken wings, logs of pork, and steak stacked up in each tray ready to serve these hungry animals.


To avoid unequal food distribution, a door in the den is shut to separate the animals.  Some tigers were taught to retreat to their respective corners.  The zookeeper either push the food through the tray area or throw it over the high fence.  Throwing a 10 lbs chicken over the fence is no easy task!

Calvin the tiger is certainly the loudest eater of all.  He created quite a range of sound effects with his chews, chicken bones crunches, growls and snarls.

It was sad to learn Lil Wayne the liger has a limited life span due to a rare genetic disorder.  His body will continue to grow beyond the size his organ can support.

The baboon put on quite a show for all of us.  He kept jumping up and down and ran around with his toys.  His energy and excitement made me laugh.

The baboon took my laughs at flirts and I got myself a baboon crush.  When I stood close to Bubble, the baboon would stare at us intensively, like a jealous ex.  He followed as I walked around and got feisty when I am out of reach.  I was advised to walk away from the cage because the baboon is stressing himself out.  First time getting kicked out.  🙂

Each animals has its own story.  Some are rescued from abusive homes, some were abandoned by other zoos.  I am glad they found a new, secure home and the staffs are all so welcoming to each of them.

Collage 2015-07-04 03_05_22


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