Smile #38 – Poking and Squeezing

Even with the health incentive from work, it still took almost seven months to book my trip to the doctor.  At last, I eenie-meenie-miney-mo-ed and called the first primary care physician on the list.  🙂

Aside from the quick visits to get my immunizations, or get rid of a pesky cold (just once and I was pressured by Bubble to seek medical help), I have successfully avoided the doctor’s office for the past decade.  Now I am willingly sacrificing myself to needles and probes.  That health incentive better be worth it!

From filling out piles of paperwork to finally seeing the doctor, the whole visit was quite speedy.  No need to explain the procedures in details, no need to show all the instruments being used.  I just need to if it pokes or squeeze and if I need to breathe in or out.  🙂

The most terrifying part of the visit is the lab for blood work.  I am not afraid of needles, but I prefer not to see anything that’s going to make a hole in my body.  Surprisingly, it is more nerve than pain.  First time blood taking and I literally hid my face behind a copy my receipt.  The nurse was quick and I didn’t feel anything apart from the initial poke.  Three little tubes was filled and off I go my merry way.  🙂


Phew, I survived!  See ya at next year’s physical check.  🙂

Next stop:  The dentist…(I am dreading this call already…)


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