Smile #37 – From Hello to Hola

One of the perks at my job is the opportunity to work with colleagues around the world.  I interact with various origin offices anywhere from China to Philippines, from Portugal to Peru daily.  I enjoy learning about different working styles and how we can cooperate harmonious.  Slowly, strict business matters is mixed with some personal affairs.

I like to learn how to greet in different language; it’s a fun way of opening a conversation.  Especially since I usually message them with a purpose.  (AKA, pleaseeeee help mee! me puedes ayudar con algo por favor?)

After a while of inserting random Spanish words with a colleague in Peru, he finally asked about my fluency.  I explained my interest in learning Spanish, but have never been successful.  He laughed and offered to be my teacher.  🙂  Overtime, we would greet each other in Spanish followed by work challenges explained in English.

For the first time today, we were able to host the entire conversation in Spanish!  🙂  Given it is a very basic conversation, I am still excited!  🙂   Here is still hoping I will be fluent someday.  🙂


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