Smile #36 – My Ride, My Ride

Two months ago, I stopped by the dealership service center for a routine maintenance check up.   Oil change, wheel rotation, sure, that seemed basic enough.

After waiting an hour, the car maintenance expert summoned me from the wait room.  He handed back the keys and a copy of the invoice.  He explained all repairs have been complete, but…  Uh-oh, I thought.  The PRS line in my car is leaking and it must be fixed urgently.  Okay, really bad news. He pointed to the invoice that listed the estimate repair cost.  With that, he left the room.  I looked down and see the hefty fee of $500!  WHAT?!  I don’t even know what PRS stands for!

H recently had car issue as well and her manager recommended a repair shop.  The repair shop owner was able to fix her car for half of price quoted by the dealership.  I decided to let him have a look.

The repair shop owner, Moose, lifted the car up and saw no sign of leakage as mentioned earlier.  He lead me to the work zone and showed me the supposedly ‘damage’.  No leakage at all.  The dealership was trying to jip my money!  What a relief!  🙂

My ride is still good for a while, no repairs needed.  Yay!  🙂

Sometimes owning a car is more responsibility than you think.  #truth


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