Smile #35 – Still Got My Boys

Since graduation, it is hard to host gatherings when friends live miles apart.  Finally after careful organization, Bubble and I were able to sit down and catch up with D and C.  🙂

I dragged everyone to a pub nearby my house, Brazwell.  It recently opened taking over the spot for Blackthorne.  The new rooftop bar area decorated with firefly stranded lights is perfect for a summer night.

Actually let me correct that – the rooftop area is perfect for a cool summer night.  Charlotte’s temperature has been rising all week, reaching mid-90s.  So thankful we were seated inside with A/C.  Crowds gathered for FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.  USA vs Sweden and Switzerland vs. Ecuador.

Food, drinks, and friends, just the right way to relax after a week of work.  🙂2015-06-22 01.08.08

2015-06-12 20.29.01
Pan seared salmon served with saffron risotto, sautéed broccolini finished with Matt’s special bourbon glaze.

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