Smile #34 – Call Me Professional

Overwhelming and exciting are good adjectives to described my day.  The client I have been conducting business with for the past year came for their annual visit.

For the first time, the client offered for us to visit their distribution center.  We took up their offer even if it means going to the office way early… #coffeezombie.  The warehouse manager kept the tour very interactive.  We walked through each function of the DC, from receiving to sorting to repackaging and final delivery to stores.  I learned how my work directly impact the DC and the significant roles it plays at receiving the goods.   I was intrigued by the substantial sum of goods flowing through at any point.  I am very glad I get to tagged along. 🙂

The business meeting after lunch gave me more insight of how we can improve.  There are always room for improvement right!  🙂

Our company hosted dinner at Toscana at South Park.  It is such a charming restaurant hidden in the courtyard across from the mall.  Under a more relaxed environment, we were able to have normal conversations unrelated to work over a few drinks.

I have been searching for a place that served gnocchi in Charlotte and I found it!  Unlike the gnocchi I had tried abroad, this is is tomato based with cheese.  Nevertheless, it is  Molto delizioso!  I was told this is our president’s favorite restaurant and it might have became mine after tonight.  🙂

I survived my first official business meeting!  :))  And I even earned a few compliments for my work!  🙂


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