Smile #33 – Mid Year Check-in

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours and hours turned days.  Without any notifications, half of 2015 had quietly slipped away.

It didn’t feel very long ago when I sat in the same position trying to type up my ambitious goals for 2015.  At this half way point, let’s see how I measured up.

  • Read! 50 books challenge! I am on book #16 now and just picked up three other audiobooks. 🙂  
  • Exercise!  I am now a paying member at a gym and have been taking advantages of zumba offered.  🙂  
  • Travel!  Of course I take my traveling very seriously!  Been on a trip every month since March and have a few more ideas for the summer!  🙂
  • Connect!  It started out great…then I fell off the grid.  
  • Invest!   Yeah..I kinda gave up on my budget…fresh start? 
  • Learn!  I did managed to keep myself busy with classes.  I started out learning how to learn and moved on to learning about sustainability, inequality personal finance, and leadership.  I am now learning about investment.  🙂 
  • Write! The blog is still live, posts are still going up 🙂  
  • Try! Hmmm….we are missing about 6 recipes….
  • Network!  I have been attending at least one leadership/industry event per month.  🙂  
  • Practice!  Haven’t worked on my language skills in a while…

6 out of 10?  It’s not completely terrible.  🙂  With still half a year to go, I am prepared to make more changes to my life.  Food, Friends, Budget, Language!  

Time for more changes!  🙂


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