Smile #38 – Poking and Squeezing

Even with the health incentive from work, it still took almost seven months to book my trip to the doctor.  At last, I eenie-meenie-miney-mo-ed and called the first primary care physician on the list.  🙂

Aside from the quick visits to get my immunizations, or get rid of a pesky cold (just once and I was pressured by Bubble to seek medical help), I have successfully avoided the doctor’s office for the past decade.  Now I am willingly sacrificing myself to needles and probes.  That health incentive better be worth it!

From filling out piles of paperwork to finally seeing the doctor, the whole visit was quite speedy.  No need to explain the procedures in details, no need to show all the instruments being used.  I just need to if it pokes or squeeze and if I need to breathe in or out.  🙂

The most terrifying part of the visit is the lab for blood work.  I am not afraid of needles, but I prefer not to see anything that’s going to make a hole in my body.  Surprisingly, it is more nerve than pain.  First time blood taking and I literally hid my face behind a copy my receipt.  The nurse was quick and I didn’t feel anything apart from the initial poke.  Three little tubes was filled and off I go my merry way.  🙂


Phew, I survived!  See ya at next year’s physical check.  🙂

Next stop:  The dentist…(I am dreading this call already…)


Smile #37 – From Hello to Hola

One of the perks at my job is the opportunity to work with colleagues around the world.  I interact with various origin offices anywhere from China to Philippines, from Portugal to Peru daily.  I enjoy learning about different working styles and how we can cooperate harmonious.  Slowly, strict business matters is mixed with some personal affairs.

I like to learn how to greet in different language; it’s a fun way of opening a conversation.  Especially since I usually message them with a purpose.  (AKA, pleaseeeee help mee! me puedes ayudar con algo por favor?)

After a while of inserting random Spanish words with a colleague in Peru, he finally asked about my fluency.  I explained my interest in learning Spanish, but have never been successful.  He laughed and offered to be my teacher.  🙂  Overtime, we would greet each other in Spanish followed by work challenges explained in English.

For the first time today, we were able to host the entire conversation in Spanish!  🙂  Given it is a very basic conversation, I am still excited!  🙂   Here is still hoping I will be fluent someday.  🙂

Smile #36 – My Ride, My Ride

Two months ago, I stopped by the dealership service center for a routine maintenance check up.   Oil change, wheel rotation, sure, that seemed basic enough.

After waiting an hour, the car maintenance expert summoned me from the wait room.  He handed back the keys and a copy of the invoice.  He explained all repairs have been complete, but…  Uh-oh, I thought.  The PRS line in my car is leaking and it must be fixed urgently.  Okay, really bad news. He pointed to the invoice that listed the estimate repair cost.  With that, he left the room.  I looked down and see the hefty fee of $500!  WHAT?!  I don’t even know what PRS stands for!

H recently had car issue as well and her manager recommended a repair shop.  The repair shop owner was able to fix her car for half of price quoted by the dealership.  I decided to let him have a look.

The repair shop owner, Moose, lifted the car up and saw no sign of leakage as mentioned earlier.  He lead me to the work zone and showed me the supposedly ‘damage’.  No leakage at all.  The dealership was trying to jip my money!  What a relief!  🙂

My ride is still good for a while, no repairs needed.  Yay!  🙂

Sometimes owning a car is more responsibility than you think.  #truth

Smile #35 – Still Got My Boys

Since graduation, it is hard to host gatherings when friends live miles apart.  Finally after careful organization, Bubble and I were able to sit down and catch up with D and C.  🙂

I dragged everyone to a pub nearby my house, Brazwell.  It recently opened taking over the spot for Blackthorne.  The new rooftop bar area decorated with firefly stranded lights is perfect for a summer night.

Actually let me correct that – the rooftop area is perfect for a cool summer night.  Charlotte’s temperature has been rising all week, reaching mid-90s.  So thankful we were seated inside with A/C.  Crowds gathered for FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.  USA vs Sweden and Switzerland vs. Ecuador.

Food, drinks, and friends, just the right way to relax after a week of work.  🙂2015-06-22 01.08.08

2015-06-12 20.29.01
Pan seared salmon served with saffron risotto, sautéed broccolini finished with Matt’s special bourbon glaze.

Smile #34 – Call Me Professional

Overwhelming and exciting are good adjectives to described my day.  The client I have been conducting business with for the past year came for their annual visit.

For the first time, the client offered for us to visit their distribution center.  We took up their offer even if it means going to the office way early… #coffeezombie.  The warehouse manager kept the tour very interactive.  We walked through each function of the DC, from receiving to sorting to repackaging and final delivery to stores.  I learned how my work directly impact the DC and the significant roles it plays at receiving the goods.   I was intrigued by the substantial sum of goods flowing through at any point.  I am very glad I get to tagged along. 🙂

The business meeting after lunch gave me more insight of how we can improve.  There are always room for improvement right!  🙂

Our company hosted dinner at Toscana at South Park.  It is such a charming restaurant hidden in the courtyard across from the mall.  Under a more relaxed environment, we were able to have normal conversations unrelated to work over a few drinks.

I have been searching for a place that served gnocchi in Charlotte and I found it!  Unlike the gnocchi I had tried abroad, this is is tomato based with cheese.  Nevertheless, it is  Molto delizioso!  I was told this is our president’s favorite restaurant and it might have became mine after tonight.  🙂

I survived my first official business meeting!  :))  And I even earned a few compliments for my work!  🙂