Smile #32 – Nice to Meet You, Raleigh, NC!

Nice to Meet You, Raleigh, NC!  

Multifarious hot air balloons ascension to the clouds is undoubtedly a stunning view.  Seeing the view from the ground is beautiful, but the view from above is alluring.  🙂

Raleigh held the inaugural Balloon Fest over Memorial weekend.  I have been excited to see hot air balloons for the first time.

Started the day early to account for our three hour drive and any traffic in between. We safely arrived at the capital under my amazing driving skills.

The event was certainly busy.  People stretched out miles long at the bus station.  Limited tether rides sold out like a flash.  Lucky for us, the cards were playing our favors.

We drove to the event and were advised no parking available.  Just a street over, we found free parking at the mall.  🙂  Thanks to the hints from those who went the previous night, we made a quick stop at Staples to print the waiver forms.  With that, we were the only few who advanced to the balloon rides.  🙂

We arrived with plenty of time to take pictures.  Some vendors nicely captured an audience by letting us take picture with the basket.

Side Story:  My mom hasn’t progressed to smartphones.  So when I asked her to take pictures, she had no idea where to begin, leading to a series of funny images.  Pictures of random strangers, half of me, unfocused me, and others.  Her effort is comical  🙂

The process to set up the balloons took a while.  Pulling out balloon to setting up the basket and burners to inflating the balloon.  Everyone watched in awe.

Look at the view from above!

After our ride, we sat for a while to wait until sunset.  The mass of balloons lighted up for Balloon Glow.  🙂

Thank you Raleigh for hosting us.  After seeing that view, all the driving was well worth it.  🙂


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