Smile #29 – The End of Infinity

Every beginning has an end, even the one we cherish, evidently ends.  Four seasons later, Revenge officially drew its final conclusion tonight.  Since its debut in 2011, I have followed every step of Emily’s revenge plan as she strike through those who wronged her and her father.

Her journey was treacherous and arduous.  Her bravery and determination through it all is truly admirable.

“The value of life can be directly measured by our will to endure. That we have a remarkable ability to resist fatigue, to withstand pain, to keep fighting, as long as we don’t lose sight of what we’re fighting for”

The ending certainly did not disappoint.  It provided the perfect closure.  🙂 Surprising, intense, and absolutely satisfying.  🙂

David and Emily’s infinity times infinity love.  Emily and Jack’s love story.  Nolan becomes the next vigilante.  Each character ended just right.  🙂

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