Smile #26 – Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon

I was a falcon. I am a falcon. I will always be a falcon. 

Strolling through the hallways of my middle school, time seemed to be slipping away. I felt like walking in a time warp. Crowds of middle schoolers gathered at each hallway.  It was just yesterday when we stood in the same spot chatting, yelling, laughing at our inside joke.

Middle school years were the most awkward, tough, dramatic and surprisingly awesome. Although many aspects of the school has changed over the years and the atmosphere is different, one thing remain constant – the wing spread maroon and gold falcon. Almost a decade later, the painting collage in the cafeteria is still standing strong. 🙂

The cafeteria wasn’t just the place we had lunch at, this same place was where we held Chess Club meeting afterschool, where we served lunch detention, where we copied off each others’ homework, and where we build our strongest friendships. 🙂

QHMS will always hold some of my best middle school memories.  🙂


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