Smile #25 – Couch Potato Kinda Weekend

This was me pretty much all weekend.  Don’t judge!

With Netflix and my bed as my best companions, let’s get this party started! 🙂

I managed to start and finish a Netflix original, Scrotal Recall. An offbeat, honest comedy series on a young single guy, Dylan, who has to take an uncomfortable trip down memory lane after he was diagnosed with an STD. Dylan’s doctor urged him to contact all the women he had sex with. He decides to tackle the list alphabetically, and do it either in person or by phone, rather than just sending a postcard. There are only six 30 mins episode so far, so I am not crazy to say I finished the series. A love story is just ready for blossom. Oh I need season 2! 🙂

This song was played in one of the episode and got me listening on repeat.

I finished Luther’s last episode in Season 3. I have been hesitate on finishing the last episode. Sadly, now I have to wait until Season 4 premieres. The unexpected turn of events really kept me in my seats for the whole series.

Apparently Jane the Virgin has been back for a few weeks now….I didn’t get that memo. These two/three weeks break are throwing me off. No worries, I am caught up to date now. 🙂  Jane’s love with Rafael took a dramatic turn. To dramatize the encounter, Emily Hearns – Volcano was played.

“We were fire and hope, now we’re ashes and smoke love burned out slow….”

Between all these episodes, I also happened to watch three movies, the DUFF, Adult Beginners, and Boy Meets Girl.

My weekend was well spent, don’t you think?


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