Smile #24 – Sister Date Night

Living in such close proximity, to specifically allocating time together is rare for my sister and me.  Our conversations usually takes place in passing or just a simple text.

Food Truck Friday is a popular event that takes place uptown every Friday.  I have been interested in seeing the crowd for a while but never had a chance due to conflicting schedule and what not.  Finally, finally, we put our foot down and committed to going.  🙂

The event was in full action when we arrived. Lines for food spread in every direction. Navigating around the lot was difficult, especially with people sitting down in the middle of lines. We had to dodge between crowds and lines to glance at the menus. Being tiny has its advantage sometimes. 🙂

Part of the experience is to wait in line for the food.  So we joined the line for some cheeseburgers.  But we left the line instantly when we overheard someone said the line takes about an hour.  An HOUR for cheeseburger?!  No, no, no.

During our search of food, we came across some of very creative pieces.

2015-04-24 19.29.062015-04-24 19.24.54-1

2015-04-24 19.34.40-1
This is my favorite piece. What would you want to do before you die?

We ended up at a local cafe restaurant – Tupelo Honey Cafe in Southend.  The food selection was unique with honey being the main theme.

2015-04-24 20.24.46-12015-04-24 20.24.32-1

Bonding over food and all those missed conversations, it was a pleasant time.  Perhaps we will have more sissy dates in the future.  🙂


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