Smile #23 – Two Men Harry Potter Show

It has been a few years since the last Harry Potter film was released.  When we came across an advertisement for Potted Potter a few months back, we thought it would be a great date night.  Aside from our guess of the name deriving from Harry Potter, we didn’t know much about the show.  We came to find out this is a popular parody famous for showcasing all seven Harry Potter books in 70 mins.

Lead by Dan Clarkson, who played a Potter fanatic and Jeff Turner, who pretended to be one.  Together, they left the audience grasping for breathe.

Revealing the overly simplified or wrong set design – a coconut palm tree representing the mysterious and frightening Forbidden Forest, a large wardrobe from Narnia and a choo-choo train that supposed to portray the iconic Hogwarts Express – the audience roared in laughter.  🙂


The show continued with characters reenacting the quintessential scenes with silly wigs and props, such as a mop for a broomstick and a dragon stuffed animal.  Pop culture references were added in the mix.  I am Hermone and I am off to the UN.  🙂 Audience were invited to a game of Quidditch.  The finale with “I will survive” parody was the best!  🙂

The show was a great refresher to the Harry Potter series.  🙂  Plus they served Butterbeer!  🙂IMG_1677


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