Smile #20 – Nice to Meet You, Belize City & Cozumel plus the Atlantic Ocean! [Part I]

Selfie @ Dinner

Nice to Meet You, Belize City & Cozumel plus the Atlantic Ocean!  [I]

I spent the past week sailing down the Atlantic Ocean with Chef Bubble.  The days on the ship seemed to move at a very slow pace even though the ship is cruising at high speed to reach the next port of call.  Our at-sea days were spent on lounging at different bars, visiting shops, sun bathing, napping, eating and MORE eating, 🙂

The dinning options is a highlight of this trip.  I love the fact that you can get UNLIMITED amount of food!  Can’t decide?  Order both!  You want to order 2 appetizers?  3 entrees?  And the entire desserts menu?  SURE!

2015-04-26 02.17.01

The wait staff is super friendly and they try to learn your habits.

Side story:  The waitress comes around to offer rolls after everyone is seated.  One night, the waitress came and I had stepped away from the table.  Chef Bubble ordered two rolls for us.  She didn’t realize that.  So the next night, as usual she came to offer rolls.  Everyone was given one roll.  But for Chef Bubble, she smiled and placed two rolls on his plate. And every night from then on she always put two on his plate.  I bet she thinks he eats both.  Even though the truth is I am the one always wanting two rolls!  🙂

I love our room service lady.  She worked tirelessly to keep our room tidy and spotless.  I admit I am not the cleaning person, my clothes laid all over the place, jewelry and personal care products spread across every counter.  She always came in the morning to change the sheet and realign all the bottles.  During the afternoon, we would jump into bed for a quick nap or relax with the TV.  She then comes again while we are at dinner to remake the bed.  The coolest part is the towel animals she always left behind!  🙂

Towel Monkey
Look at this monkey!

Shows were put on every night.  Two particular shows we watched – Encore, An Ice Spectacular! and Saturday Night Fever – were extra fantastic. The ice skaters danced while conducting extreme gymnastics such as rope suspension and flips in mid air.  I was blown away!  🙂  Saturday Night Fever is a Broadway hit musical based on a popular 1970s feature film.  I loved the set, the music and the costumes.  The main lead, Tony, truly portrayed the dancing and attitude of the era.  🙂

Enough about the amenities on the ship now.  Read Smile 21 on my cultural shock in Belize and Smile 22 on our trip to one of the New7Wonders.


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