Smile #19 – Lost My Lion Mane

Finally made an appointment to get my haircut!  🙂

My mane has been growing since graduation (which is ten months ago, holy cow!)  I wanted my hair to grow out long and luxuriant.  Although I am low maintenance with my hair, I do put ton of heat to straighten it.  As a result, I end up with more split ends than anything.  Exact opposite of what I want.

Even though the house was full of customers, I only had to wait a few minutes.  The power of making an appointment!  🙂  After I was invited to the chair, I showed the hairstylist a quick picture of what I would like to see ideally.  He proceeded to to pick up the scissors and began to snipping away.  With each strategic cut, a handful of hair fell to the floor. In just a few minutes, all my dead ends were gone!  🙂

Don’t think I am ever going to wait this long to get my haircut.  I am so glad it’s off my shoulder.


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