Smile #26 – Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon

I was a falcon. I am a falcon. I will always be a falcon. 

Strolling through the hallways of my middle school, time seemed to be slipping away. I felt like walking in a time warp. Crowds of middle schoolers gathered at each hallway.  It was just yesterday when we stood in the same spot chatting, yelling, laughing at our inside joke.

Middle school years were the most awkward, tough, dramatic and surprisingly awesome. Although many aspects of the school has changed over the years and the atmosphere is different, one thing remain constant – the wing spread maroon and gold falcon. Almost a decade later, the painting collage in the cafeteria is still standing strong. 🙂

The cafeteria wasn’t just the place we had lunch at, this same place was where we held Chess Club meeting afterschool, where we served lunch detention, where we copied off each others’ homework, and where we build our strongest friendships. 🙂

QHMS will always hold some of my best middle school memories.  🙂


Smile #25 – Couch Potato Kinda Weekend

This was me pretty much all weekend.  Don’t judge!

With Netflix and my bed as my best companions, let’s get this party started! 🙂

I managed to start and finish a Netflix original, Scrotal Recall. An offbeat, honest comedy series on a young single guy, Dylan, who has to take an uncomfortable trip down memory lane after he was diagnosed with an STD. Dylan’s doctor urged him to contact all the women he had sex with. He decides to tackle the list alphabetically, and do it either in person or by phone, rather than just sending a postcard. There are only six 30 mins episode so far, so I am not crazy to say I finished the series. A love story is just ready for blossom. Oh I need season 2! 🙂

This song was played in one of the episode and got me listening on repeat.

I finished Luther’s last episode in Season 3. I have been hesitate on finishing the last episode. Sadly, now I have to wait until Season 4 premieres. The unexpected turn of events really kept me in my seats for the whole series.

Apparently Jane the Virgin has been back for a few weeks now….I didn’t get that memo. These two/three weeks break are throwing me off. No worries, I am caught up to date now. 🙂  Jane’s love with Rafael took a dramatic turn. To dramatize the encounter, Emily Hearns – Volcano was played.

“We were fire and hope, now we’re ashes and smoke love burned out slow….”

Between all these episodes, I also happened to watch three movies, the DUFF, Adult Beginners, and Boy Meets Girl.

My weekend was well spent, don’t you think?

Smile #24 – Sister Date Night

Living in such close proximity, to specifically allocating time together is rare for my sister and me.  Our conversations usually takes place in passing or just a simple text.

Food Truck Friday is a popular event that takes place uptown every Friday.  I have been interested in seeing the crowd for a while but never had a chance due to conflicting schedule and what not.  Finally, finally, we put our foot down and committed to going.  🙂

The event was in full action when we arrived. Lines for food spread in every direction. Navigating around the lot was difficult, especially with people sitting down in the middle of lines. We had to dodge between crowds and lines to glance at the menus. Being tiny has its advantage sometimes. 🙂

Part of the experience is to wait in line for the food.  So we joined the line for some cheeseburgers.  But we left the line instantly when we overheard someone said the line takes about an hour.  An HOUR for cheeseburger?!  No, no, no.

During our search of food, we came across some of very creative pieces.

2015-04-24 19.29.062015-04-24 19.24.54-1

2015-04-24 19.34.40-1
This is my favorite piece. What would you want to do before you die?

We ended up at a local cafe restaurant – Tupelo Honey Cafe in Southend.  The food selection was unique with honey being the main theme.

2015-04-24 20.24.46-12015-04-24 20.24.32-1

Bonding over food and all those missed conversations, it was a pleasant time.  Perhaps we will have more sissy dates in the future.  🙂

Smile #23 – Two Men Harry Potter Show

It has been a few years since the last Harry Potter film was released.  When we came across an advertisement for Potted Potter a few months back, we thought it would be a great date night.  Aside from our guess of the name deriving from Harry Potter, we didn’t know much about the show.  We came to find out this is a popular parody famous for showcasing all seven Harry Potter books in 70 mins.

Lead by Dan Clarkson, who played a Potter fanatic and Jeff Turner, who pretended to be one.  Together, they left the audience grasping for breathe.

Revealing the overly simplified or wrong set design – a coconut palm tree representing the mysterious and frightening Forbidden Forest, a large wardrobe from Narnia and a choo-choo train that supposed to portray the iconic Hogwarts Express – the audience roared in laughter.  🙂


The show continued with characters reenacting the quintessential scenes with silly wigs and props, such as a mop for a broomstick and a dragon stuffed animal.  Pop culture references were added in the mix.  I am Hermone and I am off to the UN.  🙂 Audience were invited to a game of Quidditch.  The finale with “I will survive” parody was the best!  🙂

The show was a great refresher to the Harry Potter series.  🙂  Plus they served Butterbeer!  🙂IMG_1677

Smile #22 – Nice to Meet You, Belize City & Cozumel plus the Atlantic Ocean! [Part III]

Nice to Meet You, Belize City & Cozumel plus the Atlantic Ocean! [III]IMG_1580

A quick sail over and we are at Cozumel bright and early!

We woke up with minor exhaustion and utmost excitement.  We would be visiting one of the New7Wonders of the world, Chichen Itza!  🙂  It is one of the largest Mayan site located in the Peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico.

The day started off a bit bumpy with high wind causing docking delays and last minute meeting relocation changes.  Finally after we docked, we were rushed to exit the ship to catch a 45-mins ferry to Playa del Carmen.  The area was busy and crowded. We met our tour guides and immediately led to board our bus.


During the two hours, the tour guide gave us an extensive review of the Mayan history and more.  Staring out the window, we passed miles of grassland with the occasional cow and horse.

After two hours, we arrived at this place of peace and power.  The widely recognized structure, El Castillo, the Pyramid of Kukulkan, stood boldly before my eyes .  It is indeed a true masterpiece of architectural genius.


Our tour guide explained, there are four staircases and each staircase consists of 91 steps.  Adding all sides plus the top platform is 365, the number of days in a year.

He lined us up in front of the pyramid and asked us to madly clap our hands.  The sound from our claps traveled to the top and produced an echo, a sound similar to a bird’s chirp.  It was just unbelievable!  🙂

The detailed cravings found on each structure.

2015-04-15 18.26.222015-04-15 18.27.31

We were given only a small amount of free time to roam around.  The entire site was so extensive.  It was regrettable we couldn’t stay longer to admire all the structures.  IMG_1620 IMG_1630IMG_1631

The tour guide also introduced us to a real life Mayan.  For some odd cultural misunderstanding, Mayans were thought to be extinct.  Well, myth busted.  I have officially met one!  🙂

A real Mayan woman who lives in the jungle

Vendors were posed on every corner ready to hawk at every tourist.  Handmade wood craving, assortment of bowls and colorful tapestry covered every walkway.  Couldn’t help myself but to bring home a beautifully painted bowl.  🙂


Watching a trail of waves ripple as the ferry speed back to Cozumel. I must say experiencing Chichen Itza was one magnificent adventure to the past!  The history and sights are definitely unforgettable!  🙂  Thank you for the history lesson!

2015-04-15 18.21.51