Smile #18 – Nice to Meet You, Columbia, SC!

Nice to Meet You, Columbia, SC!

2015-03-30 22.43.36

The brisk breeze paired with the spring sun rays made it a perfect day to stay outdoor.  We decided to spend a day at the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC.

From classic mammals, such as zebras and elephants, to countless species of fishes to all types of reptiles and amphibians, it was marvelous to visit each exhibit.  My new favorite animal definitely is the Tree Kangaroos.  With their short brown coats and light gold faces, they look just like a stuffed animal!  🙂  Can someone please make me a tree kangaroo pillowpet!?

The aquarium section was vibrant.  Let me report that Dori and Nemo have both returned home safely.  🙂  Sand eels always make me laugh.  These tiny heads stretch up and down and the bodies sway back and forth as if they are dancing.  🙂

2015-03-29 13.25.20
Because of their “dancing”, the picture turned out a bit blurry.

Just a short tram ride over, we reached the botanic garden at the other end of the zoo.  Serbet flowers covered the garden.  Serbet orange, serbet violet, serbet coral…reading these name plates make me crave for actual serbet. 🙂

Thank you for showing both familiar old friends and new species!  Until next time!


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