Smile #15 – Nice to Meet You, Philadelphia! [Part I]

Nice to Meet You, Philadelphia!  [Part I]

Chef Bubble and I decided to pay a visit to our nation’s original capital.  Let’s refresh some of those history lessons I learned back in high school.

Quick quiz – (highlight to find out the answer):

What is the supreme law of the land?  The Constitution 

Name the three rights in the Declaration of Independence?  Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

Did you get it?  Above questions were taken from the US nationalized exam.

Today’s history class included examination of the Declaration of Independence at the National Constitution Center, inspection of the crack on the Liberty Bell, and a walk through Independence Hall.  I learned that my birthday occurred 127 years after Nevada joined the United States.  🙂

Philly is a very walk friendly city.  We were able to save money on transportation by just walking to each attraction.  An advantage to that is we lose the calories between each food places we visit.  It’s all about the food!  🙂

We stumbled across Rosa’s pizza during our journey to Chinatown.  Rosa’s pizza was featured on Ellen a few months ago.  Of course I got a slice and I paid forward!  🙂

There is a store dedicated to selling only Sanrio products aka Hello Kitty overload in Chinatown.  It reminded me of the stationary stores in Hong Kong.

We shared the House Special Meat Ball Hand Drawn Noodle Soup.  It was delicious!

Even though we were not hungry for dinner, we wanted to try a place anyways.  More Than Just Ice Cream caught my eyes since it was listed as top place for dessert.  It is imperative that we get dessert!



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