Smile #14 – I am Having Candy for Dinner

I spent 6.5 hours this past weekend to start and finish a whole series on Netflix.  I promise that wasn’t all I did … I went to the gym for an hour, that counts as productive, right?

Netflix just released a new original series – the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – produced by Tina Fey.  After the first episode, I was sold to finishing the rest of the season.  This upbeat comedy sitcom pokes fun of our pop culture.  The jokes are hilarious!

Kimmy is taking life one step at a time after being released from captivity of a cult.  She moved to New York to restart her life.  Her basic understanding of life allows her to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  My favorite was when she went to the bathroom and figured out touchless faucets and hand drier.  Her optimistic attitude to every problem makes Kimmy unbreakable.

Best lesson from Kimmy though has to be:  I am having candy for dinner!  Um, HECK YES!  🙂




One thought on “Smile #14 – I am Having Candy for Dinner

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