Smile #13 – Dear IRS, No More Taxes

Despite the frustration I felt at the end, I have successfully filed my FIRST TAX RETURN!  🙂

I have trekked through those thousand questions and stared at the many tax forms.  There were sooo many!  W2, adjustments, education credits….boxes checked here and unchecked there, amount in box one means taxable and box two means tax exempt….I was stunned at what it all means.

Articles after articles written on how one microscopic error can lead to significant consequences from the IRS, so when I reached the final page and ‘Send My Tax Return’  flashed boldly on the screen, I felt relieve to reach the finish line and nervous about any potential mistakes.

Both Federal and State have accepted my returns.  For now, I am set!  🙂  Wheewww!

Thank goodness for the tax professional on live chat and Bubble for being patience and answering all of my frivolous questions.


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