Smile #12 – Be My Valenine

The man knows how to impress a girl.  Chef Bubble always showers me with extra love on Valentine’s Day.  Can’t believe this is our fifth Valentine’s Day together, oh how time flies.  🙂

Flowers, check!  Chocolate, check!  Present, check!  Spoiled, CHECK!  All that sugar is going to keep me hyper for days!  🙂

Funny story:  I actually went by the store and smelled that exact candle – Peach Prosecco  The scent was sweet and peachy.  I wanted to buy it, but thought I should wait.  Did he read my mind or what? 🙂

For the evening, we double dated with JB and her hubby.  We decided to head back to our newest favorite, Waldhorn.  Turns out, because it is a special occasion, the restaurant only takes reservation or it’s a two hours wait.  We got luck, someone had canceled for their 8pm reservation.  Phew!

As always, the food never fails to impress me!  🙂  Yum!  We each ordered a cup of Ungarische Gulaschsuppe.  The waitress drew funny faces on each of the soups, how cute!  For entree, I ordered Kalbsrahmragout – Sauteed veal in mushroom cream sauce with spatzel and broccoli.  Bubble ordered the Valentine’s special with rib, spatzel and broccoli.

Instead of ordering half a liter of his favorite German beer, he mistakenly told the waitress he wanted a big glass.  He was shocked when she brought back a full liter mug.  He has now experienced the true German culture!

With a stomach full of food and beer, we are ready to toppled over and call it a night.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  🙂


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