Smile #10 – I See Travel in Your Future

Typically around Chinese New Year, Feng Shui-ists (…? I don’t think that is the correct term.  Horoscope-ist?…) give a round up on each zodiac sign.  Health, finance, relationships, career prospect, they tell it all.

I enjoy learning about my luck or possible misfortune each year.  I never truly buy into it, except THIS year.

According to my sign this year, (P.S. I am a sheep, baaaa!), if possible, travel between July 7 – Aug 8 to the East or South to help my “emotional instability”.  What emotional instability, I am not sure.  Regardless, I only cared about the travel portion of this prophet.  🙂  Let’s travel!  I got to cure my emotional issues.  🙂

Thank you Feng Shui-ist for your forecast!  I will be planning a trip or two!  🙂


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