Smile #9 – Aching for Austria

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am still unsure of what the “perfect” gift would be.  I decided to wander in World Market in hopes of finding something special, one of a kind and meaningful.

World Market is a unique store with goods imported from around the world.  It sells furniture, home decor, apparel, wine, and food.  The snack/candy section is absolutely my favorite!  🙂

Wandering through each aisle is like a treasure hunt.  Candies from Japan, ceramic dishes from Thailand, wine from France, the store has it all.  My heart ached for Austria when I came across this selection of goodies.

Memories of those pleasant moments of Bean and I sharing chocolates in finance courses, on the train, and during our jet-setting travels surfaced.  Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Chocolate was incorporated in my diet daily during those months and continues today…  🙂

World Market has a broad assortment of wine and beer.  European beers have officially ruined my taste buds and now I find myself constantly searching for stores and restaurants that offers European beers.

I was very surprised to find London Pride!  It has been almost a year since I last visited London and drank wayyyyyy too much beer.  I searched for this particularly beer for ages and never could found it.  With this said, obviously I brought a pack home!  🙂

….while I still didn’t find that “perfect” Valentine’s day present, I discovered a number of new products  🙂



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