Smile #12 – Be My Valenine

The man knows how to impress a girl.  Chef Bubble always showers me with extra love on Valentine’s Day.  Can’t believe this is our fifth Valentine’s Day together, oh how time flies.  🙂

Flowers, check!  Chocolate, check!  Present, check!  Spoiled, CHECK!  All that sugar is going to keep me hyper for days!  🙂

Funny story:  I actually went by the store and smelled that exact candle – Peach Prosecco  The scent was sweet and peachy.  I wanted to buy it, but thought I should wait.  Did he read my mind or what? 🙂

For the evening, we double dated with JB and her hubby.  We decided to head back to our newest favorite, Waldhorn.  Turns out, because it is a special occasion, the restaurant only takes reservation or it’s a two hours wait.  We got luck, someone had canceled for their 8pm reservation.  Phew!

As always, the food never fails to impress me!  🙂  Yum!  We each ordered a cup of Ungarische Gulaschsuppe.  The waitress drew funny faces on each of the soups, how cute!  For entree, I ordered Kalbsrahmragout – Sauteed veal in mushroom cream sauce with spatzel and broccoli.  Bubble ordered the Valentine’s special with rib, spatzel and broccoli.

Instead of ordering half a liter of his favorite German beer, he mistakenly told the waitress he wanted a big glass.  He was shocked when she brought back a full liter mug.  He has now experienced the true German culture!

With a stomach full of food and beer, we are ready to toppled over and call it a night.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  🙂


Smile #11 – Taste of Childhood Past

Growing up my mom had very strict rules regarding chocolate and sweets.  I was only allowed a small treat every so often for good behavior.  On the other hand, my dad, who didn’t know the rules, was a lot more laid back on the sugar restriction.

One memory I had from childhood is when my dad picked me up after kindergarten and he forgot the keys to the apartment.  My mom was out running errands and won’t be home for a bit.  I grew hungry as we wait for mom to come unlock our door.  After my long groan, my dad bought me a giant box of Koala Bear snacks.  That certainly took my attention away from being bored to eating, eating, and eating.  Mom arrived back in time to make sure I didn’t ruin my appetite for dinner.

Koala remains my favorite snacks of all time.  Cute koala shaped crispy cookies filled with chocolate creme, YUM!  Each koala has a different expression.

2015-02-16 16.09.11 2015-02-16 16.09.36

The local Asian store just imported a new shipment.  Boxes of koalas stacked up on the shelf.  I stood on my tippy toes and reached to the top shelf for a box of my own.  #shortpeopleproblems

It tasted just like the good ol’days!  🙂

Smile #10 – I See Travel in Your Future

Typically around Chinese New Year, Feng Shui-ists (…? I don’t think that is the correct term.  Horoscope-ist?…) give a round up on each zodiac sign.  Health, finance, relationships, career prospect, they tell it all.

I enjoy learning about my luck or possible misfortune each year.  I never truly buy into it, except THIS year.

According to my sign this year, (P.S. I am a sheep, baaaa!), if possible, travel between July 7 – Aug 8 to the East or South to help my “emotional instability”.  What emotional instability, I am not sure.  Regardless, I only cared about the travel portion of this prophet.  🙂  Let’s travel!  I got to cure my emotional issues.  🙂

Thank you Feng Shui-ist for your forecast!  I will be planning a trip or two!  🙂

Smile #9 – Aching for Austria

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am still unsure of what the “perfect” gift would be.  I decided to wander in World Market in hopes of finding something special, one of a kind and meaningful.

World Market is a unique store with goods imported from around the world.  It sells furniture, home decor, apparel, wine, and food.  The snack/candy section is absolutely my favorite!  🙂

Wandering through each aisle is like a treasure hunt.  Candies from Japan, ceramic dishes from Thailand, wine from France, the store has it all.  My heart ached for Austria when I came across this selection of goodies.

Memories of those pleasant moments of Bean and I sharing chocolates in finance courses, on the train, and during our jet-setting travels surfaced.  Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Chocolate was incorporated in my diet daily during those months and continues today…  🙂

World Market has a broad assortment of wine and beer.  European beers have officially ruined my taste buds and now I find myself constantly searching for stores and restaurants that offers European beers.

I was very surprised to find London Pride!  It has been almost a year since I last visited London and drank wayyyyyy too much beer.  I searched for this particularly beer for ages and never could found it.  With this said, obviously I brought a pack home!  🙂

….while I still didn’t find that “perfect” Valentine’s day present, I discovered a number of new products  🙂


Smile #8 – When Chocoholic Meet Cheesecake

This past week, I decided to attempt the Military Diet to slim down.  A three days diet promised to lose weight.  The meal plan is pretty simple and easy to follow, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Omg, saltines crackers have never tasted so good.  Did you know it’s amazing with cheese?!  Three days of no milk, no candy, no junk food.  Phew, I am glad I made it through.  🙂

Now, I am back on my regular diet aka no restriction, eat as I please.  🙂  All I want is to satisfy my cravings.

I have been craving cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory like a pregnant woman for the past week.  IT’S DELICIOUS!  🙂  Alternating layers of chocolate fudge and cheesecake with crunchy chocolate backing and chocolate cream on top.  Mmmm, it’s soo good!

I couldn’t wait to eat it…hence no picture. But I did manage to find a professional picture of it. YUM!