Smile #7 – Bring on Fish Livers and Jellyfish

Surprise, Surprise!

Rather than attending the networking event as planned, JB and I decided to go for dinner instead.  She recommended a nearby local Japanese restaurant, Musashi Japanese Restaurant.

Upon walking in, we unexpectedly caught my best friend with her boyfriend and her uncle and friends.  It has been years since I’ve last saw her uncle.  He is in town only for a few days and what a coincidence it was to run into him!  Although she claims I have stalked her on Facebook, I actually haven’t checked my account in a few hours.  (I saw her check-in when I got home that night…)

Her uncle graciously invited us to join them at the table.  He also ordered more food for us.  Many of these items are unavailable in the regular menu and since we are special guests of the chef, we get the honor of trying them.

As each dish arrived, we stared with questions, unable to comprehend what was presented to us.  Her uncle and his friend laughed at us and uttered, you American kids are so used to burgers and pizza.

2015-01-29 19.07.57
Fish Liver … I had no idea fish has a liver, let alone one that size! But flavor wise, it is not fishy. The liver melts in your mouth immediately.
2015-01-29 19.35.16
Fried tofu It’s crunchy outside, smooth inside. Garnished with seaweed.
2015-01-29 19.24.42-1
Can you guess what’s in it? The round pieces on the top is sea cucumber. The red stuff is jellyfish. The black pile is seaweed. The grey/yellow is mackerel fish.
2015-01-29 20.01.58
Tonkotsu Ramen – Eggs, bamboo slices, pork slices, seaweed and of course, ramen Keep in mind that all Ramen dishes are dined in only.

Tonight, I have tried some very unique and new food.  Not sure if I would order it again, but I’ll be sure to visit this restaurant again.  🙂  I didn’t go to a ‘networking’ meeting per se, but this was just another type of networking…one with FOOD!


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