Smile #4 – I Resolve to Follow Through!

There is something soothing writing in the dark.  The imaginary boundaries are lifted as the darkness spreads.  With my laptop projecting the only source of light, I am snuggling cozily into my bed and my fingers feeling free to tap away to my thoughts.  🙂

It has been a while since I last attended a networking event.  In fact, a few minutes before the meeting, I was on the edge of not attending.  But I am glad I stick it out.

Charlotte Lean In is a share space for women [and any brave men] to discuss relevant career topics.  Tonight’s event discussed mentoring, how to find one, how to be one.  The impact mentors have on our advancement and growth.  The room seated women from different backgrounds, different stages of their career path.  From freshly minted college graduates to well-established professionals all eager and willing to share their thoughts.

The lecture slides were helpful to direct the conversations, But I enjoyed the discussion portion the most.  We were given three questions to explore.
  1. What’s your next big career goal?
  2. What’s getting in your way?
  3. What can you do to overcome?

The conversations were very fluid and casual.   At the end, I came to a new realization.  I have always been more focused on the short term, my today/next day/this week/this month to do list.  But sometimes it’s more helpful to have a big view point.  While being agile and adaptable is important, perhaps it’s time for me to explore deeper into my 10/15 years plan and set out to reach it.

 Below quote was shared with us that I thought was interesting:

It is not who you know or what you know, it’s who knows you.  ~ David Avrin

Tonight, I left with new business cards and contacts.  I am glad that I followed through.  🙂


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