Smile #3 – Doraemon, My Hero

It has been ages since I watched an episode of Doraemon.  This anime grew up with me.  It is sad and regretful to hear the Hong Kong voice of Doraemon’s voice has passed yesterday.  Lam Pou Chuen is considered the king of anime voices.  His works include many anime characters, dubs for dramas and movies.

Doraemon is a future cat with a pouch filled with gadget from the future. His more famous gadgets include a time traveling machine drawer and the wishing door.  Nobita Nobi often runs into disasters, Doraemon will always find the perfect solutions.  Unlike other series, moral lessons are strategically embedded in each episode.

I decided to search for an episode for old time sake and found ‘大雄與嫲嫲的回憶’ – Nobita Nobi and Grandma’s Memories.  In this episode, Nobita was cleaning out the shed and found the teddy bear his grandma made for him.  Looking at the bear, Nobita thought of his late grandma and wished to see her again.  He asked to use the time machine to go back in time.  He saw the little him asking his grandma for fireworks.  After going through town, Grandma came home and told him that no one had fireworks.  Little Nobita stomped his feet and started crying and screaming at his grandma.  Nobita realized how unreasonable he was as a kid.  When he returned to his home, his mom thought he was a burglar.  He quickly ran in his grandma’s room and explained that he is Nobita from the future.  Grandma smiled and without question believed his words.  When he asked why, she replied because why would I question Nobita’s word.

When Nobita was little, he used to ask grandma what do you want to be when you grow up?

Grandma would reply I already am what I want to be.

Little Nobita would say, Oh, what are you then?  Tell me!

Grandma simply replied being Nobita’s grandma.


Although I don’t remember watching this particular episode, it did trigger some childhood memories.  I remember watching the series and wishing I owned a Doraemon.  I could fly, be invisible, stop time, travel to the future and back.  The adventures would never end!

As of today, I still have a key chain of Doraemon hanging in my bedroom.  It will always be my favorite and dearest anime.  Doraemon will always be my hero.  🙂


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