Smile #2 – Lifestyle Challenges

It’s my favorite time of the year!  It’s the time of the year I don’t feel guilty putting on a few extra dessert pounds, staying up a little too late, exceeding the budget and just enjoy every moment.  🙂  Counting down to the new year also means new goals.

Goal of 2015:

See those little hidden gems in life and smile!  🙂 

Take action.  Plans are good, but it’s better to take that leap of faith.  I am ready!  

  1. Read!  50 books challenge!  Read the books before it becomes movies.  Paper Towns, Insurgent,  Me Before You, Dark Places, so many good books!  Add a few nonfiction, biographies and memoirs in there as well!
  2. Exercise!  Do a challenge for a month or take a zumba class or get on the elliptical at least 2x a week.  .
  3. Travel!  Weekend trips, long trips, short trips, get to know my city tours, day trips, overnight stays, visit friends, exploring the world begins with one step at a time!
  4. Connect!  With friends/family near or far.  Skype date?  Coffee date?
  5. Invest!  Hello personal finance, let’s make peace.  Let’s work on sticking with my budget every month.
  6. Learn!  Take at least one course at any one point.  Starting with Coursera’s Learning How to Learn.
  7. Write!  Actually keep up with this blog biweekly as a way to reflect!  Finding smiles each day!
  8. Try!  Try a new recipe each month with Chef Bubble.  Maybe 2015 is the year to expand my cooking skills …
  9. Network!  Attend industry events or business meet ups or leadership gatherings monthly.
  10. Practice!  Use Duolingo or other language sites to learn a new language at least 2x a month for an hour each and practice Mandarin.

Smile #1 – Crossing 2014 Finish Line

2014 has been the year I have most anticipated for and it’s hard to believe it will be over so soon.

So many milestones and adventures happened in 2014.  Let’s recap:

  • Started the year in Paris, France
  • Road trip from Austria to Ireland
  • Returned home from my almost nomadic life abroad
  • Felt the blues from travel
  • Moved in my first apartment
  • Started the final semester of college, final semester of school everrrr (at least for a while)
  • Broke down about graduation and job offers and my life plan
  • Finally learned to drive on the highway (Yes, I am a slow boomer)
  • Another visit to London to understand Europe from a business perspective
  • Interview, interview, interview
  • Gambled in Las Vegas
  • Evaluate and reevaluate my life and my goals
  • New title:  AppState Graduate
  • Moved back into my high school bedroom…. permanently for now
  • Reorganized my room  (That took a month!)
  • Visited the Botanical Garden with the BF
  • Accepted my first job offer
  • New title:  Employee of the workforce
  • First real paycheck!
  • 1 Bridal shower, 2 rehearsal dinners, 3 weddings
  • Served my first term as a bridesmaid at my dear cousin’s wedding
  • Passenger Concert
  • One Republic/The Script Concert
  • Got used to driving on the highway (and the frustration I felt everyday due to traffic!)
  • Reached a new age (wisdom comes with age, right)
  • Opened my first investment account (Trust me, it was nerve wrecking!)
  • Purchased my first stock  (This was even scarier!)
  • Craved my first pumpkin  (And it’s not as easy as it looks!)
  • Visited a corn maze
  • Added a new puzzle to my collection
  • Broke my phone…
  • New wallet, new jackets, new purses, new boots, new high heels, new hair straightener, new BLANKET!
  • More responsibilities at work
  • Celebrated our four years anniversary with Chef Bubble
  • Dumpling party for Christmas  (Couldn’t ask for a more unique xmas 🙂 )
  • Ending the year in Charlotte, NC with my SI and Champagne!

Thank you 2014 for all the laughs, all the smiles, all the life lessons.  It has been quite a chapter.  Now let’s light up some sparklers and continue making life adventures in 2015!!!  🙂